5th Expo wrapped up

5th Expo wrapped up

Tehran: The fifth edition of the Export Potential Exhibition of the Islamic Republic of Iran, wrapped up on Wednesday.

The exhibition which was the result of 8 month efforts has been a perfect opportunity for attracting foreign investors and boosting national revenues.

Although the exhibition reached to the final step, from now on a committee will follow up the signed contracts.

Speaking on the closing ceremony, Seyyed Mohammad Agha Miri, the head of agricultural ministry said that the agricultural sector is one of the most important sectors in business which has become more prosperous due to the presence of knowledge-based companies.

Aghamiri added that Iran’s agriculture Exports are 5 billion dollars per year to neighboring and target countries including special products of Iran like saffron and pistachios

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Seyyed Mehdi Niazi, the head of the ministry of industry, mine and trade called Investment as an important factor for exports and said that Improving quality is a policy that should be followed of in the Ministry.

He went on today that the exhibition was a starting point and the products requested by the countries will be followed up.

Niazi added that We tried to show all the geographical, national and export capacities of Iran to 71 countries of the world, and 700 b2b sessions were held

At the end of the ceremony the nominiees companies were awarded.

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