New domestic brake system in Iran’s Tabriz Auto Expo

Tabriz (IP) – The 26th International Auto Industry was held in Tabriz, northwestern Iran, and the latest Iranian products were displayed.

Iran PressIran news: Among the products showcased in the exhibition was the new brake system designed and manufactured by the experts in the Iranian auto company Saipa. 

The Director-General of Saipa Design and Engineering Company  Amir-Hossein Alizadeh told IranPress that the product is fully home-made. 

He said the knowledge-based product would lower the rate of unintentional accidents by 10% and reduces the brake line of traffic accidents by 45%. 

Davood Mohammad-Ghasemi, the Director-General of Rakhsh Khodro, talked about the Actros Benz 1955 which would be introduced to the market over the next 8 months.

Actros Benz 1955 enjoys an engine of 550 horsepower, automatic gearbox, low fuel consumption, and low air pollution, he told IranPress, adding that the vehicle would traverse 5,400 km after each time it took fuel. 

The expo was opened on January 3 and continued until January 6, in the Tabriz International Permanent Fairground.