Tehran hosts 2nd International Exhibition of Iran Geo

Tehran (IP)- The second International Exhibition of Iran Geo was kicked off on Sunday at Tehran International Permanent Fairgrounds.

Iran PressIran News: The 2023 International Exhibition of Iran Geo in Tehran (which is going to be underway from January 29 to February 1) is an opportunity for businesses active in the field of spatial mapping and data mining to find out about the latest developments in this industry and related sectors. Furthermore, in such events, there are great chances to put one’s productions and services to show, find partners and investors, and establish business relationships.

Tehran 2nd International Exhibition of Iran Geo also can be a forum for institutions, associations, consulting engineers, science-based businesses and startups, exporters of engineering services and data collection equipment, and representatives of foreign companies that are active in spatial mapping, data mining, and similar industries.

The event seeks to benefit from the exhibition for various participants in the field of geomatics as one of the three mega technologies of the century, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of spatial mapping and data mining of the country at the national and international level through direct communication with public and private stakeholders and recognizing their needs. It is also an opportunity to attract international markets, domestic and foreign investment, the possibility of planning, and the opportunity to identify and attract talents, graduates, and professionals by participating in conferences, specialized and international business meetings with foreign delegations to conduct trade negotiations and conclude memoranda of understanding and contracts.